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Ebs GPS- a ready to use personal GPS tracker; is meant to be carried by kids, Senior Citizen and Pets while they go out. So that parents and loved ones can keep track of their whereabouts and well being.


Live Tracking

Track your kids whereabouts in real-time.

Safe Zone Alerts

Stay notified when kid enters/leaves school.

One Way Call

Listen to your kids surrounding without interrupting.


Panic button for kid to instantly notify you.

100% Reliability

Accurate geo-location data and alerts.

Locate Your Kid with an SMS

Kids are inquisitive which makes them unpredictable. And it is quite natural for Parents to feel concerned about the safety of their Kids. You tend to get alert and anxious when he’s not Home. EduBiz Soft offers you an easy way to know kid’s location instantly by sending just an SMS.

  • Easy to use: No PC, No Internet; Just an SMS.
  • Anywhere, Anytime: No matter where you are or what you are doing; you always have access to your mobile and time to press a few keys.
  • Instant response: It takes only few key presses on your mobile for you to fetch kid’s current location within seconds.
  • Real Time: When it comes to kid’s safety, we understand how important it is for you to get geo-location data real time; i.e. as and when it happens in real world.
  • Convenience for both; you & your kid: You get to know where your kid is and he doesn't have to be interrupted.

Watch your kid on map real-time

Why rush to the bus stop and wait? Everyday! What if you could do the waiting in comfort of your home and leave only when the bus enters your proximity. That’s exactly what EduBiz Soft enables you to do.

  • Watch your kid move on the map: Login to EduBiz Soft web application and watch your kid on Google Map, commute in real time.
  • Do it on Personal Computer & Smart Phone.
  • Location updated every 30 seconds.

Get peace of mind with Safe Zone Alerts

Create Safe Zones around frequently visited locations on the map and notified whenever your Kid leaves or enters that zone.

  • Create Safe Zones within seconds: Enable/disable them as needed.
  • Real-time SMS Alerts: Get SMS instantly as it happens.
  • Save Alert Credits by switching all Alerts from SMS to Email.
  • Activity Report: Get Weekly, Fortnight and Monthly Reports compiled from Safe Zone Alerts on Email.

Listen in to what kid’s doing with One-Way Voice

If you know where your kid is, you have a vague idea of what he may be doing at present. Add the ability to hear kid and surrounding voices, you can be sure of what he is doing. That's why EduBiz Soft has ‘One-Way Voice’ feature. Make a call from an authorized mobile phone, Ebs GPS will automatically pick up your call and put in speaker mode; without interrupting kid. Ebs GPS accompanies your kid where you can't and gives you a way to be with your Kid at will. And all this without you or kid doing anything different than what you have been doing. You won't even notice it’s there.

Past Trips - Best location history ever

Your kid’s day-to-day movements are logged and organized into trips; creating a comprehensive location journal. With past trips; browsing through historical location data is easy, informative and fun.

  • Complete History saved Securely and Accessible ONLY to authorized guardians
  • Rich and processed visualization of past trips; accessible on Web as well as Smart Phone.
  • Or Simply send H'minute' to find out where your kid has been. e.g. send H30 to 9990222447 to find where your Kid was 30 mins ago.
  • Daily activity reports to keep you updated.

EduBiz Soft Commands for feature phone Users

EduBiz Soft's Mobile tracking feature provides you with an automatic update of your kid’s location every minutes for up-to 12 hours. Your Kid's location, with time and date, will be shown on your mobile in the form of message.