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  • Create projects for all of your clients
  • Each project will have its own work space
  • Create milestones & set deadlines for each project
  • Add multiple users to each project or simply work alone
  • Client has access to view progress of the project


  • Work more efficiently with todo lists [tasks]
  • Tasks can be categories into different milestones
  • Assign tasks to different members of your team
  • Each team member has access to their own tasks
  • Monitor task progress (on-time, behind, etc)


  • Every member is your team will have their own timer
  • Start and Stop your timer as you work
  • Timer can be manually reset or manually edited
  • Keep track on all the timers for each project
  • As the admin you can start ad stop any users timers


  • Create Invoices for each project
  • Option to allow full or partial invoice payments
  • Your clients will be able to view all their invoices in one place
  • Send invoices via email as attached PDF files
  • Clients can make online payment via Paypal for their invoices
  • Manually add payments against any invoice


  • This application has a built in bug tracker
  • Your clients has report any bugs they find in their products
  • Resolving bugs is now easier allowing you to keep your clients happy


  • This application has a full featured support tickets/help desk section
  • Create different departments (sales/support etc)
  • Clients can submit tickets with file attachments
  • Assign tickets to different members of your team
  • Quickly view the current status of all the tickets in the system


  • All projects come with a progress tracker
  • Tracker automatically updates as you complete the various tasks and milestones
  • Your client can easily see how well you are progressing from their own dashboard


  • The application allows you to communicate with your client about the project in general
  • Comments are also available on a file by file basis
  • You can also have private discussions with your team, which the client will not be able to view

Human Resources

  • Manage all employees from admission to exit
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently
  • Automatic Loss of Pay calculation
  • Generate pay slips on daily, weekly, monthly basis


  • The application has a built in AJAX file uploaded and file manager
  • Both you and your clients can upload files to a project
  • Easily see how many times a file has been downloaded
  • The built in commenting system allow you and your client to have a conversation about each file that has been uploaded.