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Top features of our Restaurant POS Software

Inventory control

Labor management and scheduling

Sales and cash management

Easy to use accounting and payroll interface

Robust forecasting and reporting features

Table / tip tracking feature

Receipt / invoice template

Advanced VAT and tax calculation system

Customer database management

Delivery management

Production cost control

Anti-fraud protection

Filtering option to sort orders by date and status

Kitchen Automation:

  • Personalized kitchen station views complemented by up to date features helps to track, update and maintain food orders
  • Top end options to monitor the speed of data as well as reports in real time.
  • Built-in function that helps to change the font, color and settings according to your preference will further add to its efficiency and aesthetic value

Wait List Manager

  • • Helps to view, manage and update guests’ waiting list, thereby catering to guests’ needs promptly and professionally.
  • • Better streamlining of operations while boosting efficiency and minimizing operational costs.
  • • Convenience and flexibility, as it allows you to undertake a host of activities over the internet – from viewing waiting list as well as statistics and recording messages and greetings to managing the account and activating or deactivating the system.
  • Give the admin login credentials to pharmacy
  • Thats it !.

Backend Functionalities

  • Manipulate data to generate report just the way you need
  • Comprehensive listing of employees’ pay details that cover tip and sales
  • Forecast inventory outlay on the basis of sale of items mentioned in the menu

We deliver High Quality Admin Panel as well for managing and controlling