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School eCare ERP is a promise to deliver enhanced levels in their school and college management software, enabling them to deliver education with a humane touch.

This user-friendly Education Management Software has been developed after in-depth analysis requirements of school and in close coordination with the educationists of distinction thereby proposing to increase the efficiency of the entire system. Its primary purpose is to provide mechanisms for automated processing and tracking of student information for an educational institute. The software helps educators to manage, analyze, and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. This school management software is a complete solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities.

School care is a medium among School, Teachers, Students and Parents. It allows parents and student to login to check details. Parents can communicate with Administrator, School or teachers. Data is synchronizes automatically through an interface to update this online application.

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We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your Educational Institute. Our reputation and history of success with our clients and their School/College needs speaks for itself. There's no substitution for the best.

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Whether your School is looking to get started or it's in need of some negotiation skills, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with top notch Management support and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, Branding, and understanding.


Admission Module

  • Inquiry From.
  • SMS Reminder to student who did Inquiry.
  • If Confirm then reflect to Admission Process.
  • Admission Confirmation SMS.
  • Admission Form or Inquiry Form will be two types:
    1. New
    2. Existing
  • Fees of the student is decided at the time of admission and their terms and conditions of admission like discount, etc.
  • Transport Selection: Route Name, Pick up Point, All the information of tranport, like time, driver name, driver contact number will reflect in student account.

Fees Module

  • Fees Header Setup like Tuition Fees, Annual Fees.
  • Fees Set up
    A. Add Fees Structure
    1. Monthly Tuition Fees
    2. Monthly Fees,
    3. General Fees
    B. Configurable Fees
  • Late fees set up.
  • Advance Fees.
  • Payment Gateway.
  • Waive Option.
  • Pay Fees.
  • Use Advance.
  • Transaction Cancelled and Edit of Fees.
  • Discount Editable Option.
  • Free Student.
  • Fee Receipt Setting, A4, A8, in Slip form etc.

Student Module

  • Student profile can edit their profile.
  • Student can send study request to any other student.
  • Student can add photograph or video.
  • Student can comment and give marks(out of 10) on photo of other student.
  • Student can ask any question from the student, any one can give answer of the question, then any student can give marks(out of 10) against the answer.
  • Student can only see his fees details and his sibling not any other student.
  • Student can check their attendance details, total classes has been conducted, how many classes he/she has attended, total attendance in percentage, minimum attendace required for taking admit card, appearing in exam etc.
  • Student can check assignment or project request from teacher or faculty and can also upload the answer of assignment, in the format of pdf, word, or jpg etc.
  • Student can check all placement details, like company name, their drive date, package etc. and can also check howmany student has been placed in other comapanies and packages against them.
  • Student can complain to teacher or principal by tagging them.
  • Activity details can submit.
  • Student can complain related to eletricity, room complain, any teacher complain etc. By taging perspective person like electrician or plumber or teacher(Optional) or any supervisor (or multiple higher authority).
  • All Library book details.
  • Student Wallet, Parents can transfer amount into student wallet, and student can use it into Canteen, Library, for paying fees by RFID or biometric device.

Attendance Module

  • Attendance using hardware device like biometric device.
  • Periodwise attendance.
  • Daywise attendance.
  • Holiday.
  • Attendance details are Day Wise, Monthly Attendance in %, Classwise Attendance comparision.
  • Student filter on the basis of attendance.
  • Class bunking analysis.
  • Attendace Reminder via SMS if Attendace is less than criteria.
  • Staff attendance intergration with salary account

Examination Module

  • Teacher can Assign Home work by uploading (pdf), jpg and video to individual student and class or all students, student also can upload assignment and solution of the assignment
  • Student can also uplaod question. This question should be reflected in all student account and teachers who are connecting with each other.
  • Subject Assignment to teacher.
  • Grading Set up like 100 to 90: A+.
  • Exam or Test name Setup.
  • Remarks setting like 75 D, 90 above good.
  • Marking System.
  • Result Calculation.
  • Report Card Generation according to board like CBSE, UP, ICSE and other school, colleges or University.
  • Statement Setting.
  • Online Examination Portal.

School Accounts

  • Inverntory Modules.
  • Income and Expenses.
  • Day Book.
  • Trail balance sheet, Ledger.
  • Cash Book.
  • All details of fees via filters.
  • Salary records.
  • Comparison of collected fees of months wise and all.
  • Collection progress report.
  • Benefit or loss.
  • Fee increment in fees to get benefit.

Library Modules

  • Store all books department wise and class wise.
  • Book issue against Student id.
  • Hardware integration with bar code.
  • SMS reminder for book submission.
  • Report of libary.
  • Automatic generation Late book Fine against Book.
  • Book Damage book.
  • Book Report like new or old.
  • Advance Search.
  • If any new books are added then this will be informmed to student.

Hostel Modules

  • Setup of room and bed.
  • Issue room and bed to student.
  • Empty room.
  • Student data.
  • Menu details.
  • Student demand of meal.
  • Student Complain to their parents.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Wardon Details.
  • Advance Search.
  • Canteen details.
  • Canteen menu details.
  • Stationery details.
  • Attendance of hosteler by hardware or manual or App.
  • Leave slip generation.
  • When student is going on leave then inform to parents by message.
  • Leave request by hosteler.
  • Late entry request by student.
  • Student late entry fees set up.
  • Warden can monitor student activities of student.
  • Warden can check how wany student are present and how many are absent.
  • Class teacher or HOD can check how many student are present in hostel while class is running.
  • Student can complain of anyone to higher authority.
  • Student can complain related to eletricity, room complain, food complain etc. By taging perspective person like electrician or plumber or cook and any supervisor (or multiple higher authority).

Staff Modules

  • Staff can edit their profile.
  • Assign home work to classwise or studentwise.
  • Staff can check their salary details means when he will get and how much he got till now.
  • Staff can check attendance details and all details.
  • Staff can send discussion request to staff and students.
  • Interaction with student and parents.
  • Complaint portal.
  • Compliment portal.
  • Work change or Subject change request.
  • Advance salary request.
  • Staff can reject, approve, tranfer, close request of student or anyone.
  • Assign work to other staff.
  • Leave request.
  • Staff can raise request for any equipment like duster or bus maintenance or new computer. Then this request will reflect in admin principal or owner account for approval, after approval, after approval accountant can give amount for this to particular person.
  • Work status uploading.

SMS module

  • Set up SMS, SMS type for paricular school/college.
  • Student wise SMS.
  • class wise SMS.
  • staff wise SMS.

Salary Module

  • Salary Set Up.
  • Leave Request/Approval/Rejection/Transfer.
  • Salary Generation request for advance or before month completion.
  • Adjust Advance Salary.
  • Staff Attendance Intgeration With Device.
  • Leave Report.
  • Salary Calculation.
  • Salary Report.
  • Salary Approval/Rejection Request.
  • Salary generation SMS alert.
  • Tax deduction accoding to Government.
  • Salary header Set up.

Search Module

  • Student name auto search.
  • by Uniq id.
  • By father name, when searching by father name then all sibling should be displayed of him.
  • By Mother name.
  • By Aadharcard number.
  • By Mobile number.
  • By Fees receipt; fees description against fee receipt would be displayed.
  • By subjectwise like I want to search maths student only or physical student or other activies student.
  • Advanced Search.


  • Add/Edit/Delete the routes for vehicles.
  • Add destination and cost details.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Vehicle details.
  • Get Transport Details.
  • Transport Fee facility Available.

Event Module

  • Event creation by teacher or student or Any staff.
  • News posted by any one.
  • News should be reflected in all profile or by filter(only teacher, Only Student, Only My class student, my section, my Branch or everyone etc).
  • Manage and create store item.
  • Manage and create supplier types.
  • Manage and create suppliers.
  • Creates Indents.
  • Creates GRN.

Photo Gallery and Videos

  • Create album.
  • Posted by Anyone.
  • Tagging Options.
  • Approval/ Rejection Options.
  • Reflect in All Profile.
  • Comment on Photo.
  • Marking out of 10.


  • Placement creation.
  • Placement post by teacher or TPO.
  • Rejection/ Approval option.
  • Total Placement with Student name, Branch, Company name, Package etc.
  • Any student can also posted placement information. But first approved by placement officer.

Import Option

  • Can import Student registration information.
  • Can import Fees data.
  • Can import Placement data.
  • Import Examination scores.
  • Import Library book details.
  • Import Inventory details like Store Items, Suppliers.
  • Employee Payroll details.

Data Export

  • All data can be export in format of pdf only, if want in excel format then this request has been send to company owner.


  • Display Events, Examination, Holidays and Dues in the calendar.
  • Separate color for each action as categorised items above.
  • Display all information about the items on hovering over the color spots in the calendar.
  • Monthly view of all items.
  • Easy navigation of calendar month.

Human Resources

  • Manage all employees from entry to exit.
  • Customisable admission form.
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently.
  • Customisable and robust payroll form.
  • Automatic Loss of Pay calculation.
  • Generate payslips on daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Efficient leave management system available.
  • Authenticated payslip approval system.
  • One click payslip approval and reject facilities.
  • Normal and advanced search facility.

Why School eCare

Advantage for Students

• Students have the ability to send and receive messages from their teachers and school administrators.

• They can download and view their time-table, report cards, assignments and tasks.

• They can also submit their assignments online for evaluation.

• Students have the ability to view and track the various events being conducted in their educational institution along with notification for upcoming events.

• School eCare ERP facilitates students to search and reserve library books directly through their Library Management System.

• Students may be given the option of taking the examination remotely and be provided with instant result of their examination.

• They can also upload download and share documents and images from their dashboard to their fellow users – other students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Advantage for Parents

  • Parents have the ability to view the report cards or results of their child/children instantly as its published.
  • They may fill in feedback forms online through the ERP application.
  • The parents have the option to view the institutional calendar for upcoming and past events and even get notification regarding upcoming event on their messaging system.
  • They have the ability to pay/submit their Child's fees, manage refunds, submit, view or edit registration documents, view and review their child’s classes and submit remarks on any or all of the above.
  • In case of disciplinary incident, the parents may be notified online and have the ability to review and comment on the reports
  • The parents may view and review their ward’s timetable

Advantage for Teachers

  • The teachers have the facility to upload the student's performance reports online saving on both time and effort.
  • In case of time-table change, teachers can immediately intimate, view and modify the time-tables of their students on the school software system saving on time and paperwork.
  • They may also directly communicate with the students’ and the parents by sending messages and notifications on the school management system.
  • Examination Management may be done directly through School eCare ERP notifying the respected students, and teachers as required.
  • Examination results may be entered and managed online into School eCare ERPschool software which may subsequently also be viewed by student and parents.
  • School eCare ERP gives the ability to completely eliminate paperwork by conducting exams online with its wide variety of question types, the institution has the ability to remotely conduct exams from anywhere and display the results instantly to the students and parents.

Advantage for Administrators

  • Enables the administrators to view and manage the student's progress instantly online through the school management system.
  • Easy submission and management of fees with a few clicks.
  • The School eCare ERP school software helps create and manage any kind of time-tables within minutes
  • Upload, download Data and Documents along with user access controls.
  • HR Management for managing information and payroll for all staff
  • Share the latest News and events happening in the institution with the student's parents and staff officers.
  • The school management system enables customization of the import privileges for selective or all users
  • Generate custom reports for students or staff with a wide variety of filters
  • Facilitates assigning and management of tasks to an individual or group of users. The School Management system also enables, commenting and moderation of the comments.