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Track your Car, Bike, Truck and School Bus WHEREVER

This GPS device does not need any platform, its free of any charge. Just sending message to GPS device.It will reply back your information including Address + Map Location. Only one time setting is enough. When the alarm locator spy device exhausts 10% of electricity, it will automatically send message of reminder to charge. Even when it power off, it will switch on while charging.

How to Use :

  • For Car : Insert sim card & connect it to car charger and keep it anywhere or hide it.
  • For Bike : Insert sim card & charge it once for 2 hours, and put it anywhere in bike.It will run for 7-8 days.
  • For Kids : Insert sim card & Charge it for 2 hours.Now put it in kids bag.You can track him anytime and can listen their surroundings sound anytime that what’s happening around him.
  • For Trucks : Charge it for 2 hours, insert sim card. And keep anywhere in truck. Now track it from mobile anytime.It will work for 10 days without charging.

No need external software or app very simple to track the location by sending SMS to the tracker SIM Card. Device will respond with its location to your mobile and you can directly open it in browser or Google maps to see the location anytime.


Over Speeding Alerts.

Set up a speed limit to get instant alert on your Edubiz Track smartphone app, every time your car goes beyond the limit.

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking

Whether for theft, security or business purpose, now you can know the exact location of your vehicle with our EduBiz GPS tracker.

Panic Button Securing

Your family can now send you the exact location of your car to your mobile app in case of an accident by pressing on the panic button.

Engine Health Status

Get your car serviced on time or plan a long trip without worries by checking the health quality of your engine with just a tap.

Engine Immobilizer

Feel safe and assured about your car’s safety by stopping geo fence breach through engine immobilizer feature on EduBiz Track app.

Impact Alert Calling

EduBiz track Smart car handles panic with its impact alert calling feature, which automatically makes a call to your phone after feeling an impact.

Car Finder/Locator

Locating your car in the parking lot is no more a hassle with EduBiz track’s car finder feature, which shows its exact location on your app.

Geo Fence Notification

Set fences for your vehicle whether domestic or commercial and our app will push you alert messages as soon as there is a breach.


  • Ebs GPS tracking directly from mobile.
  • Track your car, bike, kids, truck etc easily without any extra cost.
  • Very tiny size device (2 inches).
  • No need any installation or wires (Easy Plug and Play).
  • No monthly charges.
  • Huge Battery backup of 10 days if used in bike or for kids (Standby).
  • Compatible with car power charger & runs non-stop for unlimited time.
  • Listen to the sounds & audio nearby device anytime secretly.
  • Auto call back to your number whenever there is any sound near GPS tracker, like any thief trying to steal your bike/car/vehicle etc.
  • Very useful for kids/women safety also, with help of SOS Emergency button feature.
  • Press SOS button will call to relative/family number and alert them for help.
  • Device reverts with a maps link to directly open in mobile and see the exact location anytime.