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Edubiz Soft is one of the most reliable firms for payment gateway services in India that provide technical solutions to credit card/debit card transactions when a customer makes an online shopping and make the payment. These payment gateways are tied to reputed banks and provide code to payment processors. Payment Gateway Integration Service is an important attribute that any e-commerce website desires. Payment gateway allows a website to accept real time payments from clients across the world. We provide all payment integration services that are important from this aspect of service. The concept of payment gateway address is to online shopping sites for reliable and secure payments done by online retailers who are involved with electronic transactions. It is highly confidential, secure and sensitive information like credit card numbers. We integrate with Adhar card Devices.

Our Expertise Payment Integration Services Includes


Amazon Flexible Payment Service



Google Checkout




We are committed to provide secure and complete services to our clients that’s the emerged with online transactions. Our payment gateway integration services have helped several clients provide different payment options to their customers. With us you won’t have to bother with any technical details and will get a functional and secure eCommerce platform at your fingertips. If you have any query please feel free to mail us at info@edubizsoft.com